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We have many links we could point you to but I think of this section of our website as our "further research" page for those with a real interest in Costa Rica either as a tourist or for those who are interested in this unique culture that deserves some study.

Our links thus is made up mostly of books and information that we have found uniquely valuable in our understanding of our adopted country.

For our variety of book reviews and links check the LINKS submenu for my reviews of historical books, Flora and Fauna, Guide Books and such special items such as our "Moving Here Bookshelf".

A number of the books are hard to find as many are historical or of narrow interest. Many are available on Amazon and more as part of the Google Books project to scan and make available stuff that otherwise might be lost. This has been an incredible resource in trying to understand "what is Costa Rica".

We hope you find our links and old fashioned book reviews useful or interesting or perhaps the start of a love affair with Costa Rica. We'll keep adding links of interest so come on back or please provide links from your web site if you'd like.


We and the Pura Vida guests have been helping 2 local schools. One near the hotel, the Escuela Tuetal Sur - a primary school in a poor neighborhood. The other is up near Poas volcano and is in a farming area devastated by an earthquake a couple of years back - it is the Escuela Poasito. In both cases we are building libraries getting books into neighborhoods where there are none. More information is on the Links/Costa Rican Tales and School menu button.

Let us know if you'd like to visit during your trip to see the future of Costa Rica.

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